About Us

Panama TESOL is a dynamic organization that plays a vital role in the realm of English language education in Panama. Our commitment to empowering educators and professionals is the cornerstone of our endeavors, guiding us to create meaningful change within the educational landscape.


With a forward-looking approach, we aim to establish Panama TESOL as a hub for fostering growth and development among English teachers and professionals from diverse backgrounds. Through strategic affiliations and a dedication to staying informed about the latest teaching methodologies, we actively contribute to the continuous improvement of English language education.


Our initiatives provide a platform for networking, collaboration, and dialogue, enabling educators to exchange ideas and experiences. By curating a supportive environment, we encourage ongoing discussions that lead to innovation and progress in the field.


Panama TESOL is more than an organization; we are a community of dedicated individuals united by a common passion for education. Our commitment to excellence and advancement is the driving force behind our efforts, as we work tirelessly to elevate English language education in Panama and beyond.